Victorian businesses design, create and manufacture great products. That’s a fact. And these locally made products are bought and used throughout Australia and all around the world.

So, when you buy local, it’s good to know that you are supporting Victorian businesses and helping create more jobs for Victorians — something that is at the heart of building and sustaining strong and vibrant communities.

Manufacturing in Victoria is an industry that’s going places. It’s an industry that’s changing, moving away from what we might traditionally recognise; it’s taking up new opportunities overseas and it’s growing.  It creates jobs for Victorians with a diverse range of skills in areas that you might not expect — for example, design, engineering, and research and development.

Success Stories

When you buy locally made, you help keep jobs and manufacturing local and build a brighter future for all Victorians. Here’s just a few examples of the many great products that are made right here in Victoria.

New developments in manufacturing technologies, processes and approaches means that the skills required to work in manufacturing will continue to evolve, creating new career pathways and opportunities for the students of today to have an exciting career in a diverse and high-tech industry tomorrow.

In fact, Victoria invests more and is home to more manufacturing jobs than any other state, employing more than 283,000 people in the sector including more than 85,000 women. In FY17, Victoria exported $18.6 billion of manufactured goods. It truly is a powerhouse of Victoria’s economy.

Across defence, medical technologies, construction, transport, food and fibre, Victoria is recognised globally for its manufacturing expertise and the quality of its innovative products, services and technology.

Want to know if products are made in Victoria? Here’s some suggestions:

  • Check the product label or the company’s website
  • Ask the retailer where the products are from
  • Speak with the relevant industry association or accreditation agency
  • Contact the company
  • Google the product or company
  • Check the Australian Made website

Useful Links

Whether you’re a manufacturing business looking to connect with opportunities or workers, or whether you're a job seeker looking for work, below are some useful links.